Changing Lives — One Story at a Time

The impact a Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship can have is real. We hope these Little stories
inspire you to start something BIG by becoming a donor, volunteer, or enrolling a child.

Letters from Current Bigs

Tasha: My favorite part about being a Big Sister is building a friendship over time with my Little Sister. Looking back, sometimes the smallest
moments are the most memorable.

Heather: I feel really lucky. Being a mentor has exceeded my expectation. I’m really grateful for the bond that I’ve developed with my Little Sister.

Emily:I became a Big Sister because I wanted to have more fun, young people’s energy in my life.
It is wonderful to watch my Little make such good use of my one on one attention and we have so much fun doing it.
I love seeing her take on even a small challenge and be delighted as she conquers it.
As I cheer her on and appreciate her, I also feel cheered on and appreciated at the same time.
Building our connection is a delightful and exciting project


Letters from Former Bigs

Craig: I like being a Big Brother because it is fun! I have a great new friend with whom I can share my interests,
hobbies, and new experiences. BBBSNC has strengthened my sense of community.

Brian:I am a Big Brother because there was a need for a friend/mentor for a fatherless teen who has been disadvantaged his whole life. I like to help others and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast offered me an opportunity to meet and help someone I would otherwise not even have known existed. A couple of hours a week, which I can spare, can make a big difference in my Little Brother’s life.

Dawn: I am a Big Sister because I want to make a difference in a childs life, learn from them too and have fun!

Rose: I started volunteering for NCBBBS out of a desire to give back to my community. What I got out of it was so much more. Aliyah and I have formed a friendship that has continued to grow over the past six years. Being a big has given me the unique opportunity to reach out to a youth in my community, develop a genuine friendship and provide consistent and meaningful support.

Being a is not about spending money or planning above and beyond weekly outings. Being a Big is about creating a relationship that will have a lifelong positive affect on a youth in your local community. Choosing to be a volunteer mentor through NCBBBS is one of the best choices I have made in my life. I consider Aliyah to be a member of my family and cannot imagine not having her in my life.

Jim: I was a big brother for two years (one year is the minimum commitment), and every outing with my “little” was an adventure. With him, I had an excuse to do all kinds of boy stuff that I normally hold back from doing, like making a fort out of driftwood on Clam Beach and stalking snakes in Strawberry Creek. It also gave me a reason to try out things I’d always wanted to do, like blacksmithing with Eric at Blue Ox. I would have been to shy to call him up and say, “Eric, can you show me how to blacksmith something?” But calling on behalf of me and my little brother was way inside my comfort zone. I got to have shoot-outs with aliens and drive hot cars, all for a few bucks at the mall’s game arcade. Amidst all the fun, we had some good talks, too. Sometimes difficult and painful topics came up, and sometimes I felt sad that I wasn’t able to do more for him. But I also learned that to be a mentor you don’t have to be the perfect role model or know exactly what to say when your little gets his heart broken. You just have to be yourself, listen with interest and compassion and share your experience when it seems right.

Teresa:I’m a retired teacher, and I signed up to be a Big Sister because I’ve always loved spending time with children and didn’t have any of my own. I thought this would be a good way to get to know young people and help them to participate in the community and to become good citizens. My first Little Sister came into my life 19 years ago, when she was 8. She’s now 27. We were matched for 10 years and we are still close. She is family and looks after me. We keep in touch and still get together.
My 2nd Little sister came into my life when she was 10 and we were matched for 7 years. I keep in touch with both of them and they are both doing well with their lives.
The highlight has been seeing them grow as precious young people into valued and valuable young adults in the community. It’s been a lot of fun and we still spend time together.

Amy: I met Kiera when she was 9 years old. Although BBBSNC asks for a one year commitment, I told her on that first date that if we were going to become sisters, I considered it a lifelong relationship. Despite her moving many times and having many challenges over the years, we have only grown closer. Kiera is now 23 years old.  She is an ambitious, confident, beautiful young woman who I could not be more proud of. She has her own apartment, a wonderful job with benefits as well as a modeling career. She prioritizes her friendships and she is a thoughtful and loving friend, sister and daughter. Kiera now lives in southern California but we keep in touch regularly and we get together every time she is in Humboldt. I love her to pieces and I know we will always be sisters.