Become a Big

Being a Big is a fun and rewarding experience!

By giving just a bit of your time each month to a local child, you can help realize their potential.

BBBSNC staff matches Big Brothers and Sisters with Little Brothers and Sisters who have similar interests and compatible schedules. It’s up to each match to decide when to get together and what to do. Some matches enjoy sharing outdoor activities like riding bikes, hiking, and going to the beach while others prefer to stay in and bake cookies, watch movies, or play video games. Every match is provided ongoing support and supervision by an Enrollment/Match Support Specialist. Bigs can count on the Enrollment/Match Support Specialist for positive feedback, activity ideas, and conflict resolution.

Successful Mentoring is Pretty Simple:
Be available,
Show you care,
Have fun!

Community-Based Mentoring is great for volunteers who:
are 18 years of age or older,
are patient, open-minded, and active,
would enjoy spending 8-12 hours a month with a youth facing adversity,
have a car they can use to get around,
have skills and hobbies they would like to share with a child,
and can commit to their match for a minimum of one year.

Site Based Mentoring is great for volunteers who:
are 16 years of age or older,
would like to meet at a consistent designated site, at a designated time,
are available to meet for 1 hour a week during the after-school program hours,
enjoy playing board games, sports, crafts, helping with homework,
And can commit to their match for a minimum of one school year.

How to Apply
  1. Volunteer Application: Complete the volunteer application CLICK HERE and email, mail, or fax it to us.
  2. High School Big Application: Complete the High School Big Site Based application CLICK HERE and email, mail, or fax it to us.
  3. Volunteer Interview and Training: An Enrollment/Match Support Specialist will contact you to arrange an interview once we receive your application. If you don’t hear from us, call or e-mail our office.
  4. Background Check: At the interview, an Enrollment/Match Support Specialist will explain how to complete the background check process. We may also arrange to visit your home to make sure it is safe for children.
  5. References: We will contact the references you provided on the Volunteer Application.
  6. Matching Process: Matches are made based on location, common interests, personalities and preferences.

An Enrollment/Match Support Specialist from our office would be happy to answer any questions you have and tell you more about our programs. Our office is generally open during regular business hours for calls or drop-ins; however, many of our appointments take us out of the office, so we encourage you to give us a call before coming down for a visit. If you are ready to apply, please print and complete the Big Application above.